Monumento en Linares


    The foundatión  was set up in Linares by public deed nº 1302 on 18 th. May 1995, before  D. Alfonso Fernández Palomares, notary of the illustrious Notary Association of Granada.

      The governing of the Foundation, is undertaken by a council made up of an odd number of members (17), nine from the public sector and eight from the private sector.

     The Presidency  of the governing body is held by Excma. Mrs. Emilia de Segovia, Marchioness of Salobreña, and the vice-Presidency by the Honourable Lord Mayor of Linares Mr. Juan Fernández Gutiérrez. 

Fachada Casa  Museo

    The Protorate of the Foundatión corresponds to the Ministry of Educatión, Culture and Sports (Protorate of Foundations), and its Regulations are registered in the Ministry's  Foundations  Register dated 12 th  November  1997 number 474.        

The Foundatión headquarters is in the Orozco Palace, which was built in the XVII century and declared a Historic-Artistic Monmument in 1962. The flat lintle access doorstands out in the ashlar masonary facade, and above it a balcony with geminate arches and mullion, crowned by the coat ot arms of the originale owners.

        If was opened to the public on 24 th  August 2000.



1.-    To make known that the Maestro's contribution to culture in general and, more specifically to music, meant that the guitar was finally placed at international level in great concert halls worldwide, and inspired great composers of the time to compose numerous pieces for his guitar.

2.-    To  study  the work of the ilustrious musician     

3.-    To keep alive the memory of his figure and promote a variety of musical activities (guitar concerts, concerts for other instruments, competitions, grants for musical studies, conferences, etc.).

4.-    To publish articles, establish links and exchanges with national and international bodies and gheneralli undertake watever activity is deemed necessary to achieve its objectives.